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Where is Madeira island

Madeira Portugal




Madeira island – Location

Madeira island, Portugal, with beaches, natural pools, amazing viewpoints, colorful gardens, huge mountains and buildings, the land of football star Cristiano Ronaldo is full of charm. Want to know what it is? To convince you to pack your bags and plan your trip, we have selected some reasons to visit Madeira Island, in Portugal; an archipelago that seamlessly unites mountain and city!

It is interesting to note that the destination of volcanic origin, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is only 500 km from Morocco. Not far from the capital, Madeira Island is a summer route for the Portuguese, whether in the largest city in the region, Funchal, or in the smallest of them, Porto Santo – which has enviable beaches.

In addition to natural wonders, it is possible to find good food and drink. The highlight goes to the wines, which are recognized worldwide.

Where is it and how to get to Madeira Island

After all, where is Madeira Island? This little Eden is 1 000 km from Continental Portugal (or a 2 hour flight from Lisbon). Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, in turn, is the main gateway, receiving planes from European airlines.




Cristiano Ronaldo Airport

Things to do on Madeira Island in Portugal

1. Madeira Island: fantastic places for good adventures

One of the great attractions of Madeira Island is, without a doubt, its natural resources. The place is surrounded by centuries-old trees and typical fairy tale scenarios. The Laurissilva Forest of Madeira is even recognized as a Natural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. The reserve, within the Madeira Natural Park, occupies 2/3 of the surface of Madeira Island.

During the route through the Laurissilva Forest, it is possible to find mountain orchids and pink geraniums. Visitors can also go along the Caldeirão Verde trail, located in the Queimadas Forest Park. Of volcanic origin and in the middle of the Atlantic, Madeira Island has rock formations that are a real spectacle. The trip will be unforgettable, for sure.

The sparkling green of the great valleys covers the entire island of Madeira, making the destination perfect for tourists looking for direct contact with nature. No wonder that it has been considered, countless times, as the “Best Insular Tourist Destination” by the WTA – World Travel Awards. The big challenge is not to fall in love with Madeira Island.

Known as Hawaii of the Atlantic, the place also attracts surfers who venture into the challenging waves of Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar, Porto da Cruz and São Vicente. There is also plenty of space for other extreme sports when you visit Madeira Island, such as a sidecar tour, canyoning, diving, hang gliding, paragliding and climbing.

Madeira Portugal




Madeira Sidecar Tours

Madeira Portugal




Madeira Sidecar Tours

2. On Madeira Island, you can go down hills aboard toboggan!

This is a very curious tradition in Madeira Island. In the mountain village of Monte, 6 km from the center of Funchal, is the starting point for trips aboard a basket car. These handcrafted wicker or wooden carts were created around the 19th century, with the purpose of transporting goods from the top of the mountain to the city.

Tourists ascend to the location by cable car, enjoying the view of the valleys and the bay. Afterwards, they can descend the 2 km slope using the baskets, which are pulled by tracks that control the speed of the transport. This is a great tour option when traveling to Madeira Island.

Madeira Portugal




Madeira Toboggan Ride

3. The gardens are wonderful!




Botanical Garden – Funchal

Madeira Island in Portugal is also famous for its constantly flowering gardens that have several botanical species. Subtropical climate, mild temperatures and fertile volcanic soil contribute to the sprouting of European species that, beyond that, only grow in greenhouses.

Examples of exotic vegetation, coming from Australia, China, Africa or Mexico, also dot the gardens. Among the most emblematic places to visit on Madeira Island are:

  • Madeira Botanical Garden;

  • Monte Palace Tropical Garden; and

  • Gardens of the Emperor.

  • Quinta do Palheiro;

The environments offer viewpoints due to their height offering wonderful views of the surroundings.

4. Spring all year long!

Madeira Island’s location is, in fact, one of its greatest advantages. Due to geographic conditions and because it is of volcanic origin, the place generally does not have extreme temperatures (neither too hot nor too cold). It’s like spring all the time! Can you imagine? In summer, the temperature rises a little compared to other seasons.

And that, of course, creates the perfect setting for bathing and water adventures. But lovers of the cold are not helpless on Madeira Island: when temperatures drop in winter, late afternoons demand warmer clothing. Oh, and it’s worth noting that the climate in the mountains is generally lower – around 9°C.

5. Exceptional wines

Following Portugal’s tradition, Madeira Island is responsible for the production of fortified and weather-resistant wines. And how did it start? The first Portuguese who arrived on the island, in the 15th century, ended up creating one of the most famous drinks in the world: Madeira wine.

The idea was to provide it to navigators who left for the “New World”. Over the years, wine production has become one of the main economic activities of Madeira Island. Those interested can enjoy the drink both at the beginning and at the end of meals, as it works very well as an aperitif or digestive.

Madeira Island in Portugal is a paradise to discover! Let’s go?

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