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Madeira Island is a sub-tropical archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean where the weather invites us to relax.

The Madeira Island Weather/climate and it’s landscapes beauty have been attracting visits since the XVIII century. Peerless nature and an ocean of warm and crystal waters are one of the characteristics of the island.

Madeira Island has a very mild climate the entire year, it can be considered as the island of eternal spring or “Pearl of the Atlantic”. Nowadays, perhaps it is better known as the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo – CR7 ( the Portuguese football player).

The north-east trade winds, which blow during the year, bring a bit of humidity and rainfall in the north facing slopes. At winter time, Madeira Island can be affected by Atlantic depressions.


What’s the Weather Like in Madeira island

  • Daytime temperatures from December to April hover around 19/20 degrees Celsius.
  • Daytime temperatures between May and November exceed 20 °C between.
  • Daytime temperatures reaching 26 °C in August and September.
  • Minimum temperatures from December to May hover around 13/15 °C.
  • Minimum temperatures from June to October hover around 17/19 °C.
  • The sea temperature it ranges from 18 °C  in winter, to 20 °C in June, and 23 °C in August and September.
  • Rainfall is concentrated from October to mid-April, when it’s quite frequent, while in summer it almost never rains.
  • In June, blanket clouds frequently forms, called capacete (“helmet”), which coat Madeira island in the morning and disappear during the warmest hours.
  • The weather allows us to enjoy the nature during a Levada walk or a hiking trail.

Madeira island Weather Forecast

Madeira Island Weather

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