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Madeira island Typical bread, “Bolo do Caco”, should be one of yours “must have” of Madeiran food. Despite the name “bolo” [cake], it is actually a kind of bread.Madeira Island Guided Sidecar Tours - Bolo do Caco - Typical Carlic Bread Made of wheat, this delicious bread typical from Madeira island can also be found in Porto Santo. With Arab origins, the name comes from the fact that it used to be cooked on a piece of a tile, called caco in Portuguese. Made of wheat, this delicious bread typical from Madeira island can also be found in Porto Santo.


How to make it…

With wheat flour, yeast, salt and water.  Bolo do caco dough then should be left to rest for three days.

Then, a sort of cookies with 3 cm of thickness and less than a span of diameter are moulded.

Finally, the bread is cooked on a hot stone until it gets crunchy on both surfaces. Bolo do Caco should preferably be served warm.

Madeira island Typical Bread. The Secret…

Experts say, that the secret to achieve a perfect bolo do caco lies on the scorching temperature of the stone on which the bread is cooked.

Originally, basalt is the stone to prepare bolo do caco. However, nowadays, concrete plates sold on construction material stores substituted these.

Madeira breadBolo do Caco
How to have it…
Bolo do caco is served as a first course, covered with garlic butter, as a side dish. Especially with the famed meat brochette from the island. Bolo do caco can be served as a main dish as a sandwich, either with cheese and ham, swordfish, octopus or steak, for instance. Regardless how or when you taste a bolo do caco. The experience will be unforgettable. Many visitors, during the holidays is Madeira island,  became bolo do caco addicted and can’t live without a slice at breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you will Visit Madeira, or already stay here, you have to trying it…. Contact us!! Typical Carlic BreadMadeira island

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