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Funchal – Five reasons to visit

  Madeira island has natural landscapes can make you gasp. To clarify, the island is very easy to discover on mountain roads or via historic irrigation channels  known as “levadas”. You can enjoy Funchal wich is the beautiful capital of the Portuguese Madeira island. You don’t have to venture into the mountains to enjoy the natural abundance. As a result in Funchal there are a host of botanical gardens with a crazy assortment of plants. Lets explore the best things to do in Funchal:  

A Wealth of Historic Architecture

Madeira island grew rich on sugar, wine and shipping, and it has splendid architecture to prove it. Highlights include the São Lourenço Palace and the 16th century Sé Cathedral. Funchal is very beautiful town.  

Enjoy Some Madeira Wine and Poncha

Madeira island is a land of wine, rum, liqueurs, cider, but is increasingly known for the poncha. Initially, was created by fishermen looking to warm themselves on cold nights. Certainly, the drink is now ubiquitous in the bars of the island. A delicious fortified wine, Madeira island is the perfect way to round off a vacation meal. As a result, try it at leading wine bars like Blandy’s or Beef and Wines.   

It’s a Great Place for Active Vacations

Madeira island is a wonderful destination for energetic travelers. For example,  you can  paraglide over the valleys, canoe hire from the harbor and sidecar tours across the island.   

Excellent Art Galleries

Funchal may not be Paris or Venice. However, galleries like the Museu de Arte Contemporânea and the Museu de Arte Sacra hold magnificent collections. This collection were acquired by the island’s sugar and wine families.  

Stunning Beaches Not Far Away

Barreirinha, in Funchal, with its saltwater pool, city beaches like Ponta Gorda and more distant resorts like Porto Santo. In other words, Madeira island is a fine beach destination.     In conclusion we give you just five reasons to visit Funchal, however we have more! Visit us! Visit Madeira island!    

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